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Behind the Numbers: Fraud and its Warning Signs
Many people think the nonprofit sector is immune from fraud, but corrupt personnel can put tremendous energy into concealing their activities. In this article, Eric Fraint describes some of the warning signs that should give nonprofit board members, executives and auditors cause for concern.

Behind the Numbers: Fraud and its Warning Signs (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 60 KB)

Which accounting software package is best for you?
Nonprofits face a bewildering array of software options for their accounting needs. Quickbooks? Peachtree? FundEZ? A general business accounting package? YPTC’s Eric Fraint joins a panel of nonprofit and accounting specialists to help nonprofits sort through the choices.
 2008-2009 A Few Good Accounting Packages (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 48KB)


Behind the Numbers: Accounting for In-Kind Contributions
Nonprofits often struggle with accounting for in-kind gifts such as supplies, volunteer time, non-cash donations and free use of facilities. This article by Eric Fraint offers guidelines for accounting for in-kind contributions on financial statements.
 Behind-the-Numbers-In-Kind-Gifts (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 127KB)


Behind the Numbers: Cost Allocations when Fundraising is Involved
How should “joint activity” costs be split between fundraising and other functional expense areas? This article explores the arcane rules to help you understand cost allocation affecting fundraising, management, general and program expenses.

 Behind the Numbers: Cost Allocations When Fundraising is Involved    (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 46KB)


Behind the Numbers: Competing Needs for Financial Information
Your nonprofit faces demands for financial reports in a variety of formats from different constituents: board, management, staff, donors, funders, auditors and the IRS. Read how a chart of accounts can get your accounting system to satisfy all these needs.
 Behind-the-Numbers-Chart-of-Accounts (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 44KB)


Behind the Numbers: Preparing for Your Year-End Financial Audit 
The auditors are coming! These words often strike fear in the heart of nonprofit executives. This article shows you how with proper preparation you can have an audit experience that is relatively quick and painless.
 Behind-the-Numbers-Year-End-Audit (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 130 KB)


Behind the Numbers: SAS 112 and Internal Control
SAS 112 is a new auditing rule affecting internal control that may disproportionately impact small and medium-sized nonprofits. This article by Eric Fraint discusses the rule and what you should do to comply with it.
 Behind-the-Numbers-SAS112-Control (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 48KB)


Behind the Numbers: The Problem with Nonprofit Accounting Rules
Accounting for multi-year grants or pledges, or for a single-year grant that extends into the next fiscal year, can be a challenge for nonprofits. This article by Eric Fraint explains FASB’s Standard #116 – Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made.
 Behind-the-Numbers-Multi-Year-Accounting (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 45KB)


Behind the Numbers: The Use and Misuse of Ratio Analysis 
When used correctly, ratio analysis can help funders, donors and others know how well an organization is performing over time and compared to other organizations. But this powerful tool can lead to erroneous conclusions if you don’t understand the underlying numbers and their meaning. Learn more!
 Behind-the-Numbers-Ratio-Analysis (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 128 KB)


Sarbanes-Oxley and the World of Nonprofits
When YPTC President & Founder Eric Fraint served as Treasurer of The Philadelphia Foundation, he helped the foundation to adopt provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Read this informative article to learn more about how these policies can help improve governance, transparency and accountability standards for your organization.
 Sarbanes-Oxley-article (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 352KB)


Who Is Eric Fraint?
Read the Philadelphia Business Journal’s profile of the founder and president of Your Part-Time Controller.
 PBJ-Profile-of-Eric (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 528KB)


Jump-Start Your Accounting Department
What standards for financial reporting should your organization adhere to?  What level of performance should you expect from your accountant? In this article which was published by Chorus America, Eric Fraint addresses what information you’ll need to be an effective steward of your financial resources.

Behind the Numbers - Jumpstart Your Accounting Department (Adobe Acrobat PDF - 44 KB)

Perform a Mini-Assessment of Your Financial Department
Executive directors and board members often find that their finance departments have difficulty getting things done. Learn how a Mini-Assessment can help you understand the nature of your organization’s problems and the steps needed to correct them.

 Perform a Mini-Assessment of Your Finance Department  (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 153KB)


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