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Your Chart-of-Accounts: The Key to Meeting Competing Needs For Financial Information

Your nonprofit organization faces demands for financial reports from a variety of different constituencies including management, staff, board committees, funders, grantors, donors, auditors, bankers and the IRS. Many of these financial report readers require that your reports be presented in different formats. The question is: how do you set up your accounting system to satisfy

Behind the Numbers: Cost Allocations when Fundraising is Involved

In our previous Behind the Numbers article, we explained the accounting rules governing the allocation of costs among the functional areas of programs and supporting services in nonprofit organizations (see Nonprofit Issues, October 16-31, 2004). This sequel explores the additional and somewhat arcane accounting rules that dictate when and how “joint activity” costs are split

Behind the Numbers: Accounting for In-Kind Contributions

Almost all nonprofit organizations have at some time received “in-kind” contributions; also known as “gifts-in-kind.” These non-cash contributions can take various forms such as gifts of long-lived assets, services performed by volunteers, gifts of museum collection items, gifts of inventory, gifts of items used for fundraising purposes, free use of facilities and utilities or use

YPTC Sleuthing Uncovers Embezzlement

While Your Part-Time Controller is more well-known for helping nonprofits improve their general financial and accounting practices, occasionally our associates’ investigations uncover suspected criminal acts. The desire to keep digging and to root out bad practices are strong motivations for YPTC, and our integrity was recognized by The Philadelphia Inquirer in this article which ran on

Behind the Numbers: Preparing for Your Year-End Financial Audit 

Many people think the nonprofit sector is immune from fraud, but corrupt personnel can put tremendous energy into concealing their activities. In this article, Eric Fraint describes some of the warning signs that should give nonprofit board members, executives and auditors cause for concern.  Behind the Numbers: Fraud and its Warning Signs (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 60