Nancy Newbold Retires from YPTC

nancy-1If you’ve had any dealings with Your Part-Time Controller over the past decade, the chances are that Business Manager Nancy Newbold has made your experience run smoothly. Nancy, who retired on September 30, 2011, was the often unseen influence behind the scenes at YPTC – when she wasn’t the friendly voice on the telephone or your first point of contact with us. She was the hidden force who made sure everything in our offices was in order.

Nancy joined YPTC on Nov. 19, 2001. A neighbor of President and Founder Eric Fraint since 1979 – “I knew Eric before his kids,” she quips – she had been the bookkeeper/office assistant/accounting manager/office manager for an IT firm for eight years when Eric recruited her to help YPTC grow.

At the time, Your Part-Time Controller had only eight employees and one small office in Philadelphia. Nancy helped open the first Cherry Hill, NJ office and quickly assumed all of the back-office functions – the “other duties as assigned,” she jokes – necessary to run a tight ship.

“It was just Eric and me in the office in those days, and he was usually out seeing clients. He did everything – and I did everything else,” she recalls. “We had to do it all, because we were so small. But we were growing. We started to hire more people, and we never stopped.”

Today, YPTC has over 65 employees, several offices, and specialists handling the human resources, accounts payable and receivable, and controller functions that Nancy formerly did single-handedly. That freed Nancy’s time to concentrate on the client support, special events, promotional activities, telephone and office reception, IT problems, appointment scheduling, travel reservations, secretarial duties, file maintenance, office administration, supplies, office equipment maintenance, troubleshooting problems, staff support – and “other duties as assigned.”

Providing support to the staff and partners was particularly meaningful to her. “I’ve always looked at YPTC and its people as if they were my clients. When staff ask for something, I jump on it because I know they needed it yesterday. I try to respond as close to immediately as I can,” says Nancy.

On Sept. 30, Nancy took a long-awaited and much-deserved retirement to fulfill a family promise. She had promised her daughter and son-in-law that if they ever had a second child she would be there to help; the couple relocated from Florida to the Gettysburg, PA area and had their second child in September.  Meanwhile, her husband, John, is a Civil War re-enactor who has always dreamed of having a Gettysburg address. With the family’s relocation to Gettysburg, the synchronicity was too much to pass up.

Nancy and John have bought a home in Gettysburg but they won’t be sitting around just doting as grandparents. Nancy will continue to put her high energy to use in hosting an annual Civil War Ball and holiday events and making her famous chocolate picture frames. After training new staff and turning over her formidable institutional memories, she takes with her 10 years’ worth of recollections, friendships and fond experiences to also keep her occupied.

“I’m going to miss all the people – not just the staff but also the vendors and clients,” she says. “They’ve been more like friends. The people here are so nice and they all look out for each other.”

Of course, it’s been Nancy who’s also been looking out for all of them for 10 marvelous years. Her influence has been profound and we will all miss her deeply. The entire YPTC family salutes her and wishes Nancy and John a happy, healthy and active retirement.



On her last day in the office, Nancy shared some parting thoughts with the YPTC staff. We thought you’d enjoy reading them, too, and we’re pleased to share them with you as well:

nancy-2Hi All ~

This will be the last time I say that…doesn’t seem possible.  Over the last ten years YPTC has grown not only into this amazing organization, but a “family”.  Like most families, we shared everything…..professional and personal highs and lows….but most of all we have been there for each other; even, if it was just to listen.  I know that this YPTC of ours will continue its good work and “family spirit”.

Now the time has come to turn the page and begin the next chapter of my life. Today, Friday, September 30, 2011 will be my last day at YPTC. As many of you already know, John and I are not going far and will be moving to Gettysburg, a town 150 miles and just as many years away, in March, 2012. But before that, Eric has graciously invited me back for the staff holiday lunch on December 6th and you might even see me at “block training”.

I know I’ll be kept busier than ever with our daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters who live just 20 minutes away from our new home. All too often, people say that they want to stay in touch and then don’t. I really do want to stay in touch and so, we want to extend a heartfelt invitation to all of you to come out and pay us a visit so that we can show you around this special town and countryside …John gives a great “quarter tour” ….. WE MEAN IT!!

I will miss each and every one of you and wish you continued success. Now, I leave you with my own personal motto …”never let a dry erase marker go dry”…..and acronym (we love those acronyms)…..”SHH”….safety, happiness and health.

All the best with love,


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