American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

“We do things now that were not thought possible....”

The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) is a global organization of rehabilitation professionals, dedicated to serving people with disabling conditions by supporting research that promotes health, independence, productivity, and quality of life. ACRM helps to get rehabilitation research to the world by assisting researchers in improving their investigations and dissemination of findings, educating providers to deliver best practices, and advocating for rehabilitation research funding. ACRM’s global community includes researchers, clinicians, patients and their caregivers, promoting evidence-based rehabilitation interventions for such disabling conditions as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, neurodegenerative disease, pain, cancer, and others.

Jon Lindberg, MBA, was named CEO in 2009 and took over what was then an 86-year-old, $1 million association that was struggling with critical transformational issues. “We had offices in Chicago and Indianapolis and vendors scattered all over the country but it was too expensive to meet with them face-to-face. We were top-heavy on management expenses. It was my vision to make the organization virtual. Today, we take the idea of the Cloud for granted, but back then this was an idea that was in its infancy,” he recalls.

“We had to solve 10,000 problems. Where would the financials be housed? How would people access them? How would we manage security? Who would open the mail and how would it be processed? It required endless problem-solving to build a foundation that had never been built before.”

A broad-scale effort revamped ACRM’s management structure and operating systems, which included restructuring financial reporting processes. YPTC was brought in to help with the transition and enable ACRM to go 100% virtual – and grow to what is now a $7 million association.

Lindberg cannot contain his exuberance in lauding YPTC as what he calls “the greatest accounting firm in the world. The help you gave us, and give us, in becoming and being one of the first truly virtual, multi-million-dollar global associations was not easy, nor painless. But we do things now that were not thought possible even a decade ago.”

YPTC helped steer ACRM through this major transition with steadfast calm. “We had the sense that no matter what happened they’d never leave us if something went haywire,” he says.

Lindberg also appreciates YPTC’s flexibility. “We can’t afford staff accountants so we have bought just the right amount of time from YPTC, mapping out the workflow almost to the minute. We ramp up for the audit and after our annual meeting, then take it down in slow seasons. It’s like a just-in-time inventory system: we get just the right person at just the right time at just the right level to get just the right services. It’s an incredible cost structure.

“In meeting the owner and top executives we could tell that there is the highest level of integrity throughout the company. YPTC has wonderful people who are always ethical, conscientious and wanting to do the right thing. That means a lot to us because we’re entrusting our entire financial system to people we’re not meeting on a daily basis. They are a great partner. We feel lucky to have found them.”

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