Philadelphia Parks Alliance

“A weight off my shoulders….”

Despite its history as a compact Colonial city, a manufacturing hub and a densely-populated urban center, Philadelphia has some of the most numerous greenspaces of any major American city, with over 13% of the city’s acreage reserved for parkland. The Philadelphia Parks Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the leading advocacy and community engagement partner for the city’s public spaces. The Alliance organizes campaigns to advance policies and practices in support of thriving parks and recreation centers, canvasses neighborhoods and organizes community forums and volunteer trainings in support of the work and programs of the city’s recreation centers. The Alliance’s mission is to champion the public’s interest in outstanding parks, playgrounds and recreation centers to make Philadelphia a healthy, vibrant and sustainable city for all.

When Sakinah Rahman joined the Alliance as COO, and later served as Interim Executive Director, she found herself in a small organization. A part-time bookkeeper came in twice a month and Rahman realized that additional accounting support was needed. She asked other nonprofit leaders and members of her Board of Directors who she should reach out to, and Your Part-Time Controller kept coming up. A series of interviews in which YPTC personnel were extremely responsive solidified the recommendations she had heard.

“The value that YPTC brought to the Alliance was as a thought partner. It’s been invaluable to have other individuals who you can bounce ideas off of about the best practices they see in other nonprofits,” she says.

“Second, being able to delegate the accounting work to someone who I know will be accurate and comprehensive and take ownership of a project has saved me a lot of time to be able to focus on strategy. Taking over some of my workload was a weight off my shoulders,” she adds.

Rahman praises YPTC for helping her develop reporting mechanisms for her Board. She also serves on several other nonprofit boards and appreciates being able to occasionally bounce ideas off YPTC’s staff about issues facing those organizations. “YPTC is a responsive and trusted partner,” she says.

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