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Anastasia Korisianos

"It makes me feel accomplished..."


Even though I loved auditing, after five years in public audit I was missing a sense of accomplishment and wanted to try out the internal side of accounting. I came across a similar firm that serviced nonprofits as I was looking for a mission-driven organization but was not ready to settle into one company. After five years as a consultant without variety , growth, or a mentor, I sought a firm with mission driven clients that wasn’t limited, a chance to learn the next steps of forecasting, and a team that promotes learning. That is exactly what YPTC provided for me!

There is also a culture of focusing on our work without having to worry about competing with each other which allows us to focus and be more efficient. We have freedom to create our own schedules with our clients while having available support from peers and management. I had never experienced this level of support and quick response. When my engagements result in clean books and monthly reports that are useful to clients- and then clean audits- it makes me feel accomplished.

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