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David Petrak

"A culture of encouragement..."

David Photoshop

I moved into accounting mid-career after working in the pensions field. After working in public accounting and passing the CPA exam, I started working for a 501c5 labor union here in Pittsburgh, but I was at a dead end and my situation was not work/life-friendly. I started looking for another position and found YPTC which allows me to expand my horizons with traditional 501c3 nonprofits.

Every company starts you out with trainings and meetings where people tell you how wonderful things are and you think this is too good to be true. Here at YPTC it’s turning out to be true. Your managers don’t just give you pep talks; they’re on your side in a culture of encouragement. They encourage you to grow professionally. I like how they actually listen to things that people complain about. Your work/life balance is respected and if you need help with a client they provide additional staff support so you don’t have to work insane hours.

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