Jim Garrison

"Constant attention to supporting the staff..."

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When I originally explored the option of working with YPTC it was with the notion that, in some way, I would like to do something with my career that had an element of ‘giving back’ to it. This was after a long series of corporate and start-up ventures that were interesting, challenging and professionally rewarding, but had little if any social value. Several years later, I can now say that I have the very best of both worlds. I still have interesting, challenging and professionally rewarding work, but now I am doing it with organizations that do wonderful things and that truly need the help that we provide. I may not actually be feeding hungry people, providing a rich cultural experience or helping victims of abuse, but it is as close as you can get being an accountant!

But wait, there’s more. Almost all companies will say that their employees are their most valuable assets. Only some of them back that up with the way that they actually operate day in and day out. YPTC is one that does. From the interviewing process to initial and on-going training to the way we are assigned to clients and the way we execute our work there is a constant orientation and attention to supporting the staff.

So not only do I have the best of both worlds, but I have it in a supportive environment filled with dedicated professionals who happily and consistently go the extra mile for their clients.

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