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Linda White-Ballou

"The coolest accountants I’ve ever met..."


I’ve been doing accounting for 40 years, and it’s pretty much the only profession I’ve ever had. I started when I was 18 working my way through college. Most of my experience has been with nonprofits: I’ve only worked in the for-profit sector for five years. There are a lot of nonprofits here in the D.C. area so there are many opportunities.

I was working too many crazy hours and needed to cut back. I had a consulting opportunity fall in my lap. After working as an independent contractor for 13 years I had heard about YPTC and asked a friend about them. She said I’d be perfect. I would be working for somebody and they would find the clients.

It feels like home. I love the camaraderie among the staff. They’re the coolest accountants I’ve ever met. When they screen prospective employees they look for people who would be a good fit and they do a great job.

I love the independence when I’m working with my clients. I also enjoy having a great support network of managers and being able to email my colleagues who might have had a similar experience with something I’ve come across.

They offer great benefits and the ability to work part-time hours. Another thing I really love is the training. I tried to get more training when I was on my own but always got bogged down in other things. YPTC makes sure its staff is always on top of things.

I have a great relationship with my clients. Because I’ve been in this field for so long I have a special affinity for nonprofits that are fulfilling their missions without always having a lot of funds to work with. I enjoy feeling like I’m contributing to their success.

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