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Mike Fries

"Everyone is so happy it’s refreshing..."


I had worked in a lot of different jobs doing public and private accounting, audits and taxes, but none of them seemed like a good long-term fit. I was at a Greater Washington Society of CPAs symposium and kept walking past Your Part-Time Controller’s booth. When the time was right for me to make another move I contacted them, and I’ve been here since May of 2019.

I love the company’s support. I’ve had some health issues in the past and at my previous employers the support seemed fake. Two months after joining YPTC my dad had a heart attack and they told me to drop everything, take care of my family, and that they’d take care of my clients for me.

I also love the flexibility of being able to make my own work schedule. You’re not on a fixed schedule that supervisors make for you.

It’s a much more manageable workload, with six clients. At my previous firm I was a manager with 14 clients and six or seven staff. I wasn’t able to fully dive into my clients’ particular numbers because of having to manage staff, deal with their scheduling and time sheets, a heavier workload, and a greater focus on metrics that added to the stress of the job. At YPTC it’s just a case of doing what needs to be done and scheduling your day accordingly. If my client is happy, YPTC is happy.

Some of the associates here are in their 30s and some are in their 60s, and they’re all happy doing what they’re doing, regardless of how long they’ve been working. There’s no feeling that anyone is stuck in a rut. Everyone is so happy it’s refreshing. It’s just a really good place to work.

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