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Paul Koontz

"The framework and the community support to succeed..."

Staff Testimonials Paul

My background is in public accounting where I had a few nonprofit clients. When I went to work for a local United Way here in West Virginia I continued to develop my specialization in nonprofit accounting. Eventually, I found myself wanting to get more diverse experiences with other types of nonprofits. I was casually searching for remote job openings and came across Your Part-Time Controller. I really wasn’t looking to change jobs but YPTC sounded like a great opportunity. As I went through their interviews I heard about their positive emphasis on work-life balance, and I have to say that I’ve seen that upheld time and time again. They have been true to their word and I have been tremendously pleased with my experience so far.

YPTC gives me the tools and resources, the framework and the community support to succeed in my own career and with my clients. If there’s anything that you’re not sure of or don’t have experience with there’s a network of associates ready to help you to continue your professional development. They emphasize from the very beginning to not hesitate to reach out; everyone is very welcoming and inclusive.

There’s an emphasis on employee well-being and satisfaction, which I appreciate. It comes up at every staff meeting. It’s a good environment to step into to prevent stagnation.

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