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Rosalyn Unalivia

"You’re treated like a professional..."


What I like about YPTC are the autonomy to be able to manage my own clients and the professionalism with which we are treated by all staff members and management. I’ve been in the accounting industry for quite a while, both in the for- and non-profit sectors, and have served as a CFO and controller; many of us have been there and done that. We know what we’re doing, so the freedom to be able to schedule our own clients and do our own work, with oversight by our managers of course, is the beauty of it. You do your thing, you do your best, and you’re treated like a professional. There’s a trust factor with the managers that we can do our job correctly and that we’ll give our best to our clients. There are no politics, no emotional entanglements, and not as much stress as in other companies.

I also like the fact that we have continuing education. Because we work in our clients’ offices, the associates don’t see each other as much but we have regular monthly meetings and company-wide trainings. It’s quite important for our profession.

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