Bradley Bartolino

“I feel more connected than I ever did at my old firm….”

I graduated from college in 2009 and after a few months jumped into public accounting with a small, family-owned firm in Princeton, N.J. After eight years I realized I had reached a ceiling and wanted some different challenges. I had heard about YPTC from a coworker who gave me some great insights about what life was like there behind the scenes. After looking at YPTC’s website it sounded like a good option. I applied and was called in for three interviews in eight days, which had to be a good sign.

I started in August, 2018, and from Day One it’s been terrific. The support they provide to associates is amazing. My managers check in with me regularly, which was very helpful through my first year. There’s an ongoing process for the managers to provide us with feedback about how each engagement is going, what they’re impressed with and what I can be doing better. It’s not just an annual performance review; it’s better to receive this feedback on the fly rather than just once or twice a year.

Even though I don’t see my coworkers for months at a time I feel more connected than I ever did at my old firm. It’s an unbelievably collaborative effort to make sure we’re delivering the best product to our clients. We get useful information that I can implement, and we have the freedom to use our professional judgment with how we provide recommendations to our clients.

When I applied to YPTC I was looking for a company that actually values its employees. From Day One I really felt that way. I’m being told regularly that they trust me, to keep up the good work, and they keep assigning me new clients. They do appreciate me.

With such rapid growth into so many new cities, we must be doing something right. I’m proud to be a part of it.