Carl Caplan

“If the balance sheet is right, the income statement has to be correct…”

Most likely, I’m at the end of my career. I had been working since 1972 as a corporate controller for small and medium-sized companies. One thing that’s common is that those companies don’t last forever. I was working for a surgical practice that got absorbed and that meant that Carl had no place to go.

I was getting up in years and was looking to get into something else. My younger brother, who had worked with Eric Fraint earlier in his career, said I might want to give YPTC a shot. I had no professional experience with nonprofits, only as a volunteer, but I went in for an interview to see what it was all about. Next thing you know, I’m working here.

The meat of any organization is in the balance sheet, not the income statement: if the balance sheet is right, the income statement by default has to be correct. This is the process that YPTC encourages in how we approach our work with our clients. Once you know you’ve done your work papers correctly you have a balance sheet that no one can argue with. That’s the right way to do it – and it’s the YPTC way. This is what I used to do as a controller. When I got here and found the same thing it was a real justification for me that I must have been doing something right all along. I’m all about numbers being accurate. It’s very rewarding for me to work in a place that has the same approach. It makes me feel good to know we’re doing the absolutely right thing for our clients.

YPTC’s culture is much the same. We make good income, but what’s more important is the overall balance.

When I was hired, they couldn’t ask me how old I was but Eric did ask if I had a retirement plan. He said I would have the flexibility to work as many or as few hours as I wanted. I couldn’t ask for better than that at this point in my career.

Never having worked in public accounting, this is the first time for me to be working with a different client every day and I’m enjoying that. The people that I work for, and work with, and my clients, are really the nicest, most genuine, most sincere people I’ve ever been exposed to in my whole career.

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