Duc Nguyen

"Everyone is very nice...."

My background isn’t accounting. I came to YPTC from Drexel University, where I majored in business and finance. I was part of Drexel’s Cooperative Education (Co-op) program where we helped YPTC develop data visualization techniques that translate our clients’ data into relevant and more readily understood information. After I left the Co-op, YPTC generously asked me to work part-time and later offered me a full-time position. My team supports staff on data visualization and develops financial metrics and dashboards from our clients’ data to help improve productivity. We also do research to keep YPTC on top of technology trends. I’ve had to learn a lot about accounting and the associates and managers are always willing to teach me. There are a lot of things I like about the company but one thing that is very special is the people. Everyone is very nice, very supportive and very professional. They never see me as a student but as an employee. Because I support so many staff members I know a lot of people and that’s how I know that what all the awards have said is true – that YPTC really is a Best Place to Work.

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