Jane Lindemann

"I like the 'part-timeness' of the job..."

Except for Eric Fraint, I am the YPTC employee with the most longevity – I started in 1998 and my employee ID number is 2. When my kids were growing up and still living at home, the flexibility that YPTC offered was a plus. Even after all these years, I like the ‘part-timeness’ of the job. Although some weeks turn out to be full-time, it’s worked out very well for me.

Before coming to work for YPTC, I worked for a CPA firm whose clients were mostly service professionals. We did pro bono work for a few nonprofit organizations and I found those jobs were the ones I liked most. I mentioned that to Eric almost fifteen years ago, and that’s how I began my work with YPTC.

I’ve learned so much from this job – and not just accounting. It’s been an education in people skills, in community awareness, and in technology.

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