Liane Decker

"YPTC is a great place for me to be at this point in my career..."

Each of my clients is really passionate. Accounting generally isn’t considered to be a field that’s particularly passionate, but that is not the case with my clients. They’ve made a choice to be with their organization and that impacts their attitudes and motivations. Conversations at my clients’ offices invariably revolve around the organization’s mission. That’s really unusual and invigorating for me. It’s what I was hoping for when I came to YPTC.

There is also a lot of social involvement among YPTC staff members. Each month we have staff meetings where we get timely professional training, so we’re continually learning about what’s new in our industry. We also spend time at our meetings talking about our clients or forming groups to raise money or awareness for causes that our staff are passionate about. Of the three hours a month we spend together, spending 15 minutes of that time talking about causes important to our colleagues is really telling about a company’s priorities.

YPTC is a great place for me to be now. I feel valuable to Your Part-Time Controller. I know that I add value to my clients and that what I’m doing is a way to help them continue to meet their missions.

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