Megan Marley

“Using our accounting skills for the betterment of the community….”

I was a college professor working on a year-to-year contract teaching accounting. My contract was up and I wanted to get back into the business world. I went to a YPTC seminar in 2017 where I met several managers and clients and I really liked it. I had an interview the next week and here I am. I like the support that we get from our management and the associates. I like our culture of using our accounting skills for the betterment of the community. I enjoy the nonprofit space and it’s a really good place to spend my time. I have my dream schedule. I came to Your Part-Time Controller with the thought of having two or three permanent clients where I could be there long-term to show them what YPTC could do for them. It’s been great. My clients look forward to me being there: they know what they’re going to get and that things are going to get done. And I look forward to seeing them. I’ve met so many amazing people who I would not have had the opportunity to meet had I not joined the firm. To see their mission and their passion is really great. I’m also a mentor now and getting more involved with the orientation and training of new hires. We have a great orientation program and we’re expanding it because we’re growing so rapidly!

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