Peter Hartwell

“You become embedded with the clients….”

After a solid 35+ years in accounting, finance and operations in the energy and power generation industry, I took a retirement opportunity and decided I wasn’t ready for that. I had done some pro bono work for nonprofits, heard about YPTC and decided to come on board. It was a little bit of giving back to the community and a little bit of continuing to earn a living.

YPTC has an interesting business model. For us, the nonprofit sector is not an afterthought: it’s what we do. One of the most attractive things about working here is that you become embedded with the clients. Even if you’re visiting them only two days a month they treat you like an employee. They see what skill sets you have and ask you to help out with things beyond providing excellent accounting skills and that’s part of the enjoyment as well. It makes you feel like you’re not just a consultant.

Even though all nonprofits live by the same basic GAAP rules, each client is a different business with unique structures and needs. It makes it interesting to go to work. I like to learn something every day and that is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.

There are challenges but there’s always somebody to turn to. If you put a question out to the other associates and managers you’ll often get a timely and expert response from someone in our organization. We help each other. The managers know when to step in and when to stay away while they keep their finger on the pulse of our work at each client. The managers who oversee what I do also have face-to-face relationships with my clients and feel like they are embedded there as well. It makes for a real team atmosphere.