Rita Garson

“A firm that wants the best for its clients…”

I was working as the part-time Director of Finance for a nonprofit. I had cleaned up the financial records
and operations so that the organization was receiving timely and accurate financial statements each
month. The job wasn’t challenging anymore. My boss wanted to move me into a full-time COO position
but I wasn’t ready for full-time. I looked online and found a part-time Controller position at YPTC.

After several interviews, I knew that this place was serious about hiring qualified individuals. I had never
really been challenged in the interview process since my time in public accounting. There were some
areas of nonprofit accounting that I wasn’t aware of and I came out of the interviews with more
knowledge. They gave me an accounting test which was proof that this is a firm that wants to hire the
best accountants and wants the best for its clients, and that’s truly what it is: a firm that wants the best
for its clients.

They were respectful that I wanted to give my employer as much time as possible for my transition.
Once I started, they gave me a week-and-a-half of training and I felt that YPTC was giving me what I
needed to go out to my clients and give them my best. You don’t get that level of support everywhere
and that’s definitely different here at YPTC.

I started with four clients, two of which were extremely messy. The clients both hired YPTC to correct
past errors, improve financial procedures, and provide timely and accurate financial statements. But I
wasn’t by myself. I had a team of over 200 staff, managers, directors, and partners to support me. I was
also given the tools and resources to be able to clean up the mess and to be able to communicate with
my clients. YPTC excels at communicating complicated accounting terms to nonprofit leaders who do
not have a financial background.

It’s wonderful to be part of an organization that’s doing everything in its power to deliver the best
trained people who can be placed in their jobs. My previous employers wouldn’t pay for me to go to
conferences or get additional professional training. YPTC wants me to be the best trained associate I can
be so I can do my job well. They also give me the tools to do that. The training makes you feel confident
in yourself and in the system that’s behind you.

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