Stacy Korisianos-Koutsothanasis

“It makes me feel accomplished…”

Even though I loved public auditing, after five years I was missing a sense of accomplishment and wanted to try out the internal side of accounting. I was looking for a mission-driven organization but was not ready to settle into one company; I wanted variety with more clients, work that wasn’t limited, a chance to learn the next steps of forecasting, and a team that promotes learning. YPTC’s culture of focusing on our work without having to worry about competing with each other is just great and allows us to focus and be more efficient. We have freedom to create our own schedules with our clients and we treat them as if they were our own business. Most of my engagements have involved clean-up work at first which encourages learning the background of their industry from the first day. When I start off with digging in and cleaning up and end up with clean books and monthly reports that are useful to clients, it makes me feel accomplished. Our managers work hard to support us and we can ask questions of every staff member in each office. I had never experienced this level of support and quick response. Plus, it is exciting to see YPTC grow!