In this fourth installment of our Staying Afloat: Arts & Culture Series, Justine Townsend reviews some last minute questions and updates related to the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. Topics covered include:

  1. Tax return(s)
  2. Form 4506-T
  3. Proposed budget
  4. Current employee list and February 29, 2020 payroll
  5. List of venues
  6. Marketing materials
  7. Job descriptions or contracts required
  8. Monthly revenue

The SBA has also released the 4506-T specific to SVOG as well as a video tutorial on completing it.

  1. Site where form can be downloaded
  2. PDF of the SVOG specific 4506-T
  3. Video instructions issued by SBA for completion of the 4506-T(Pay special attention to how to get your application number and where to put it on the 4506-T!)

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