Preparing for an audit is an ongoing process that unfolds in 5 key phases. From year-round communication to collaborative conferences and meticulous preparation, each step contributes to financial transparency.

  1. Preparation: Be sure to communicate information with your auditor throughout the year.
  2. Pre-audit conference: This is an opportunity to meet with the auditors and agree on expectations for the audit.
  3. Audit prep: This phase entails gathering everything on the auditor’s audit item list in advance.
  4. Fieldwork: this is where auditors observe and inspect controls, confirm account balances, and sample individual transactions.
  5. Review: In this phase, there is a management review of the draft audit report.

From proactive communication to management review, each phase ensures your organization is well-prepared.

For more information read: A Nonprofit’s Guide To Successful Audits! And, if you, or an organization you know would benefit from YPTC’s audit preparation, please contact us! We’re ready to help.