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The World of Charity Ratings: A Nonprofit’s Guide

As a charitable organization, navigating your online presence is key to maintaining a strong public

School’s Out for Summer: Don’t Feel the Heat – Get Audit Ready!

While students and teachers enjoy their break, school financial officers can use this time to

Developing Sound Internal Controls for Your Faith-Based Organization

Can your lean faith-based organization still have sound internal controls? Whether you are a new addition

What Is a Fractional CFO? Your Nonprofit Questions Answered

Let’s say you run a small nonprofit that provides educational support for youth in the

Food Pantry Inventory Management: Tools and Tips to Handle In-Kind Donations Effectively

Your food pantry just received a wide variety of in-kind (non-monetary) donations.  Great! Now all

Demystifying Nonprofit Financial Statements: Complete Guide

Between fundraising, marketing, and keeping your programs afloat, your nonprofit team likely collects a variety

Federal Resources for Food Relief Organizations

In 2022, 49 million people turned to food assistance according to Feeding America, the largest

Top 10 Issues For Nonprofit Boards (Part 2) Featuring Ellie Hume on The Nonprofit Show

On this second part of a two-part series, you’ll learn about the critical differences between

Top 10 Issues Nonprofit Boards Must Monitor (Part 1) Featuring Ellie Hume on The Nonprofit Show

Discover the five key areas that boards must diligently monitor: mission statement clarity, robust governance,

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Interested in knowing more about YPTC, but not sure if you are ready to get

A Nonprofit Blueprint for Federal Funding

Looking for a blueprint to understand the rules and regulations surrounding federal grants? Read on

On Demand! Paths to Success as an Early-Career Accountant

Paths to Success as an Early-Career Accountant Are you an accounting student or recent graduate gearing

Independent Schools: Break into Spring Compensation Planning

For those in the independent school sector, you know spring has sprung when it’s time

Nonprofit Revenue Recognition: Logic Over Luck

Revenue recognition for grants and contracts involves a lot more than luck. Characterizing exchange transactions

Getting Nonprofit Accounting & Development Teams Working Together Featuring Patricia Withington on The Nonprofit Show

On this episode of The Nonprofit Show, join Patricia Withington, Director at YPTC, in navigating

What Is an In-Kind Donation? The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide

Picture this: you run a homeless shelter, and you’re always coming up with innovative ways

Navigating Nonprofit Tech Featuring Alicia Eastvold on The Nonprofit Show

Are you struggling to navigate nonprofit technology? Learn strategies for leveraging technology effectively in nonprofits,

Navigating the Audit: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations

Does the thought of your annual financial audit induce anxiety? With some preparation and insight

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