Every auditor needs a friend like YPTC. Since we help ensure our clients’ accounting records are complete and accurate on an ongoing basis, we’re not independent and therefore, we don’t “do audits.” We make sure that our clients are ready, by preparing them for their audit.

1. We are the key liaison for coordination and execution of the audit process.

We help our clients and auditors streamline communication and requests by functioning as the key contact for all throughout the audit process. This ensures no requests are missed, and that audits are completed according to deadlines.

2. We complete the auditor’s PBC list.

We ensure our nonprofit clients are audit-ready on Day 1 of scheduled fieldwork meaning we ensure all requests and schedules are completed in advance (including, where applicable,  the SEFA), and that staff are available to be responsive for questions and requests that arise throughout the audit.

3. We assist with data collection for the Form 990.

While we don’t prepare any tax returns, we ensure that the auditors have all that they need to complete the Form 990 (along with 990-T where required) beyond financial statement data such as special event financial information, donor info, board lists, etc.

4. We take care of monthly bank and account reconciliations.

We maintain a complete set of work papers with account reconciliations and analyses throughout the year such that there is no “scramble” at year-end.

5. We prepare monthly financial statements.

We prepare a complete set of financial statements each month (Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flows), complete with comparisons to budget, along with forecasts, analyses, dashboards, and data visualizations, that are key in ensuring that decision-makers understand their organization’s financial situation.

6. We manage segregation of duties.

As an external organization, we ensure that key accounting and finance duties are split to provide an additional level of internal control to the organization.


“It was so smooth. [Your Part-Time Controller, LLC] prepared everything the board needed, and the auditors said they had never seen a presentation so well-organized. This was a real vote of confidence for us.”

-Alfa Demmellash, Co-Founder & CEO, Rising Tide Capital


Auditors, Let’s Be Friends! We can’t wait to meet you!