As part of our ongoing commitment to staff training and development and enhancing a culture of support, YPTC has long recognized the power of staff members to serve as mentors for each other. Our clients regularly are impressed by the fact that if an associate does not know the answer to a question, he or she has a team of scores of fellow staff members eager to provide guidance and solutions.

As a result, Your Part-Time Controller has issued a Mentor of the Year Award since 2008. These awards recognize staff’s dedication to helping each other which, in turn, makes them better accountants and provides better support for our clients.

At our annual staff awards meeting each December, YPTC awards a Mentor of the Year. We salute all of these exceptional staff members. The sheer number of nominees alone is testimony to the support all YPTC people provide to each other.


Previous Mentor of the Year Award winners:


2023: Leah Reichert

2022: Adetunji Odeneye

2021: Tracy Bible, Helen Fox, Teri Ten Eyck, & Marc Jones

2020: Martha Ferrara

2019: Teresa Henderson

2018: Andi McGunnigle

2017: Angela Coaxum

2016: Hatsy Cutshall

2015: Kerri Padgett

2014: Corey Blum

2013: Gary Williams & Clare Sciulli

2012: Suzanne D’Angelo & Ellie Hume

2011: Vivian Fitzgerald

2010: Anna Jungclaus

2009: Anne Meyers