The department leader of government funding at Your Part-Time Controller, Derick Dreher, shares valuable insights about federal grants and the application process for nonprofits. Derick emphasizes the importance of having a compelling story and a clear understanding of why your organization deserves funding. He highlights that successful applicants often have a track record of implementing impactful programs and managing finances effectively. Additionally, Derick advises nonprofits to be mindful of their budget size, as there is a sweet spot that appeals to federal agencies.

Derick discusses the readiness factors for applying for federal grants, emphasizing the significance of both programmatic and financial track records. He encourages organizations to demonstrate their ability to implement programs successfully and manage funds responsibly. Derick also addresses the topic of fiscal sponsorship, stating that while it may pose certain challenges, smaller organizations can still apply for federal grants tailored to their size.

The conversation delves into, the official website where federal agencies announce grant opportunities. Derick provides insights on navigating the platform, including narrowing down searches and setting up personalized alerts. He also recommends signing up for newsletters from federal agencies as a valuable source of information.

The discussion touches on the dos and don’ts of grant applications. Derick emphasizes the importance of following application instructions carefully and submitting only the requested documents. He advises applicants to reach out to program officers for guidance and clarifications, as they are there to assist and provide insights. Derick also stresses the significance of proofreading applications and ensuring that budgets align with narrative descriptions.

Derick’s expertise and enthusiasm for the grant application process provide clarity and debunk common misconceptions about federal grants.

Federal Grant And Application Insights! from American Nonprofit Academy on Vimeo.