In 2010, 2011 and 2013, Your Part-Time Controller was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Business Journal. But in 2015 YPTC went one step further – we were named THE Best Place to Work!

The prestigious annual awards competition for local businesses recognizes the most employee-friendly companies as judged by the people who know those organizations best – their staffs. The contest surveys thousands of employees on 40 attributes of job satisfaction and trust in leadership known to drive employee engagement. (YPTC’s Washington D.C. office has been similarly honored as one of the best places to work in the nation’s capital in 2013 and again in 2016.)

YPTC’s singular achievement in Philadelphia in 2015 “recognizes our corporate culture – how we help each other and how we support our clients,” said YPTC Partner Jennifer Alleva. “It’s not just about management – it’s about all of us together making this a great place to work.”

Staff gave favorable ratings to YPTC between 86% and 97% in such important criteria as alignment with organizational goals, benefits plans, feeling valued, believing they can make an individual contribution, job satisfaction, managers’ effectiveness, staff retention, teamwork, trust in senior leaders, and trust in co-workers.

These rankings were far and away greater than all business sectors in the category of medium-sized companies, and especially larger when compared against other accounting firms. “We blew the other accounting firms away,” said YPTC President and Founder Eric Fraint.

Staff responded favorably between 96% and 100% to such statements as:

• There is loyalty among teams and working groups.

• I understand how my job helps me to achieve success.

• The company regularly finds ways to help me do my job better.

• I enjoy my work.

• I would recommend this company to others as a good place to work.

• My co-workers consistently go the extra mile.

• The company invests in my success.

• I can depend on my fellow team members.

• I would like to be working here a year from now.

• The people I work with are committed to quality work.

Responding to the competition’s questions about their employer’s honesty, integrity, leadership, communications, trust, and how it values employees and provides for professional training and development, YPTC staff were effusive in their compliments. They applauded managers for doing what they say, for leading by example, for having excellent follow-through, and for building trust with employees through a mutual sharing of ideas.

Staff noted YPTC’s open-door policy for internal communications, a culture of giving associates personal autonomy with limited micro-management, and giving credit where credit is due. “Managers trust staff to be the face of YPTC,” one employee commented.

The corporate culture was also praised for celebrating accomplishments, building morale at staff meetings, regularly telling employees they are valued, and wanting to see employees succeed and achieve their maximum potential.

YPTC’s work of focusing almost exclusively on charitable organizations – jokingly called “Crunching Nonprofit Numbers Since 1993” – was highlighted as giving special significance to the work environment. “The meaning behind our clients’ missions gives meaning to what we do,” wrote one employee.

“I LOVE MY JOB!!!” wrote another. “The best decision I ever made was to accept this position!”