Nonprofit Finance Questions: When To Contact The Experts

Especially in today’s environment, it can seem like you have more questions than answers regarding your nonprofit’s financial situation. An outsourced accounting firm can help you navigate these areas of uncertainty. If you’re finding yourself asking these questions, it’s time to contact an expert:

  • How will we receive payments from funders and others?
  • How will we receive and pay our bills?
  • How will we sustain ourselves with reduced programming?
  • Will we have enough cash to survive COVID-19 isolation?
  • Should we approach funders and how?
  • How will this affect next fiscal year’s budget?
  • How will I know how my organization is doing without financial reports?

Clear information, especially financial, is imperative to running your organization successfully. YPTC is here to help. YPTC’s U.S. based accounting staff now offers remote solutions for your organization’s financial management. The same trusted service you know from Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, now available anywhere.

Contact us today to learn how YPTC can help your nonprofit- anywhere.

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