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Meet “The Wizards of I.D.D.”

    Accountants are really, really good with numbers. We can reconcile your bank statements and do your cost accounting. We can calculate your debits and credits. We can prepare your month-end reports and your cash flow statements and your balance sheets. But how do we take all those numbers and translate them into meaningful

Wizards of I.D.D. Debut at GPCA

Franklin Hall, in Philadelphia’s famed Franklin Institute, could not have been a more fitting place for Your Part-Time Controller to unveil the Wizards of I.D.D.™ (Information Design & Delivery), our newest strategy to help nonprofits build a better world one accounting department at a time. After all, Ben Franklin could count a lot of I.D.D.

Information Design – A Vital Tool

As accountants, YPTC’s staff faces the same challenge faced by people who work with numbers worldwide: how to make massive amounts of numerical and financial data meaningful and understandable to non-technical audiences. It’s an issue we face every day when preparing reports for our clients. In some cases, the data must be presented as a

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