Does your organization need to track progress toward its goals, and to report on its outcomes? Data visualization can help!  Tools such as charts, graphs, dashboards, and other visualizations can turn numbers into stories that:  

  1. Communicate your impact
  2. Explain your needs and opportunities

YPTC’s Data Visualization Group has curated a list of 6 visualizations nonprofit leaders can start using today to help better run their organization: 

DVG SM Post-01

1. Scenario Planning and Alternative Forecast Results 

As a nonprofit leader, you might want to know “what would cash be if we didn’t hit our budget goals?” 

DVG SM Post-02


2. Monthly Results and Rolling Average  

As a member of a nonprofit organization, you might want to track against your goals. 

DVG SM Post-03


3. Total Cash Vs. Restricted Cash  

In this case, the visualization helps a nonprofit leader explain that the decrease in cash for the year would be due to spending down restricted funds. 

DVG SM Post-04


4. Revenue Trends and Unrestricted Vs. Restricted Funding 

This “combo chart” explains how an organization increased their revenues year over year but needed to focus on generating more unrestricted revenue. 

DVG SM Post-05


5. Investment Income Opportunities  

As a nonprofit leader, you might want to invest idle/surplus cash. 

DVG SM Post-06


6. Forecasting Cash Compared to a Target or Benchmark 

As a nonprofit leader, you need to know if you are on track to meet your goals. 


For more like this, visit YPTC’s data visualization static graphic showcase page. Ready to get started? Visit our website and contact us today! 

 YPTC (Your Part Time Controller, LLC) helps you visualize information clearly in ways that are easy to understand. We work with many kinds of quantitative data, including financials, program data, fundraising, and others, building custom infographics and dashboards that can be tailored for delivery in print, PDF, web pages, and mobile apps. 

Our data visualization static graphics are created in accordance with the JD Standard.

The JD Standard refers to our proprietary design format which utilizes narrative prose and artistic graphics combined with visual quantitative data to display business strategy, business operations, financial management, and marketing information.