Data Visualization is an imperative tool that effectively communicates an organization’s financial status and goals. And, at Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, we have an entire team devoted to saving the day with creative, clear representations of quantitative data. Below, our DVG superheroes dive into what they do on the daily, how they uniquely serve clients, and what they enjoy most about working at YPTC.


Bill Inline ImageWilliam (Bill) Schwab, Data Visualization Manager and Department Leader

I first learned of Your Part-Time Controller when I heard one of their radio commercials. I had always worked in the for-profit world, but there was something about YPTC that intrigued me. I loved the way they approached their clients, worked closely with them, and added a service component by helping the nonprofit sector. Advancing a mission instead of a company’s bottom line intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more about it.

The company where I was working at the time was acquired, and I was facing a job relocation out of state. So, the timing was right to take a closer look. My wife and I spent hours looking at YPTC’s website and reading all the testimonials from the staff. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. But the more I researched, I couldn’t find a bad thing written anywhere about YPTC.

Over seven years later, joining YPTC is one of the best career decisions I ever made!  As a CPA, I had often thought about starting my own firm, but now I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I have my one-on-ones with my clients, but I also have the resources of everyone at YPTC behind me.  I also get to work with an amazing group of Data Visualization professionals every day When the entire staff is together fo r meetings, you realize our true size, and the power we have in numbers. We like to tell our new clients that you’re not hiring one of us – you’re hiring all of us.

YPTC is an amazing success story and I’m so glad I joined this fantastic organization.


Edwin Harvey, Data Visualization Manager Edwin Inline Image EDITED

I worked in IT support while studying studio art as an undergraduate at George Washington University, and spent my first year out of school as a quality assurance engineer in Silicon Valley. I then returned to school for graduate work in History of Art and taught briefly at Berkeley and Miami University.  After that, I joined a nonprofit strategy consulting firm, where I learned to use quantitative data to tell clients’ financial, fundraising, and program stories.

I joined YPTC three years ago to continue my pursuit of new technologies to help nonprofits thrive. I get to work with a team every day that is professional, respectful, and quick to smile. Our solutions save clients time and help them communicate important information to the people that need to hear it.

YPTC has demonstrated a commitment to continuously learning and adopting new technologies, and that is fun to be a part of. They also take the idea of balance and moderation seriously regarding staff’s time. Because of all this, my team and I can stay fresh and do the best work we can do.


Marc Inline ImageMarc Jones, Data Visualization Manager

After obtaining a master’s degree in taxation from Arizona State University, I spent a few years working for small CPA firms performing tax, audit, and consulting services. I then moved on to a large public accounting firm and received my CPA license. As a Senior Auditor, I specialized working with nonprofits and got to see many of the challenges they face. I knew I wanted to continue working with nonprofits, but I also knew there was a better way to do it.

One day, I received a LinkedIn message with the subject, “Nonprofit Controller—35 Hours/Week”. I was immediately sold and was the second YPTC associate hired in the Phoenix market. I got to work directly with nonprofitsin my community and quickly developed a passion for financial reporting and delivering information to my clients in an easy-to-understand way. After being promoted to manager in our remote services market, I had the chance to work with other staff on their reporting needs and to research and implement new technologies and tools. This led me to our Data Visualization Group (DVG).

As a member of DVG, I love that I get to help others every day and support a culture of innovation and education. Our team is constantly finding new ways to automate, to visualize and present data, and ultimately, to solve problems. My work is challenging and rewarding, and I am so grateful I joined YPTC.


Kelly Binder, Business Intelligence Specialist Kelly Inline Image EDITED

As an undergraduate, I studied math at Temple University. A few years later, I attended graduate school at New York University where I received a Master of Science in Applied Urban Science and Informatics.

While living in New York, Iworked as a Research Analyst in the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support at CUNY. Upon returning to Philadelphia, I worked as a Data Visualization and Reporting Analyst at BAYADA, a Home Health Care company. There, I built dashboards, focused mostly on employee and patient experience, to help with internal reporting.

Despite consistently listening to NPR, I didn’t hear about YPTC until the recruiting team reached out to me! Once I was enlightened, I felt like the stars had aligned—it was exactly what I wanted to do and what I went to graduate school for.

I can sincerely say that the culture at YPTC is better than any place I’ve ever worked. Everyone seems to truly love what they do, and the willingness to help others is always on display. I see it in my team especially—everyone is not just willing, but eager to help one another.


Steve Inline Image Steven Cianciarulo, Business Intelligence Specialist

I finished an accelerated 5-year Bachelor’s/Master’s at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. My bachelor’s is in Psychology and Screen Studies, and my master’s is in Professional Communication.

Post-graduation, I ended up starting a career in nonprofit fundraising database management, mostly in the Arts and Culture sector. After fourteen years in that field, I was ready for a change.

For my next step, I specifically wanted to work in Business Intelligence and Power BI. Not only did YPTC offer this opportunity, but it also offered the chance to bring what I knew from my nonprofit career while learning more about data transformation and visualization.

I love helping people do better work easier and faster, and since we work with so many organizations, there is an endless opportunity to do this at YPTC.

I also enjoy that I get to see both sides of YPTC’s culture of education constantly. In DVG’s MERT (Month-End Reporting Transformation) work, we get to be the teachers. And since my team and I are always sharing knowledge with one another, I also learn something new almost every day.


Sijie Li, Data ScientistSijie Inline Image

I graduated from Drexel University in 2018 with a degree in marketing and business analytics and began working at YPTC as a Business Analyst shortly after graduation. In 2021, I left to advance my degree in analytics with a focus on data science at the University of Chicago. Once I completed my program, I returned to YPTC as a Data Scientist.

YPTC’s culture is one of reasons I returned—it has always been so warm and welcoming. Everyone is always eager to answer questions, and teamwork is encouraged. I have always felt a sense of achievement in our clients’ level of satisfaction with our work. Now, I’m excited to continue helping the company grow with my furthered knowledge of data analytics!


Zi Inline ImageZinan Yang, Data Analyst

My college career began as an accounting major at Drexel University. But, after two co-op experiences—one as a Tax Accountant and one as an Internal Audit Intern—I realized that accounting wasn’t for me. So, I added a Business Analytics major, which I enjoyed so much that I ended up pursuing my master’s degree in it.

Part of my master’s program required a three-month internship, so I reached out to one of my friends, Sijie Li, who was part of the DVG group at the time. Sijie suggested that I complete my internship at YPTC, and I just never left.

The ability to utilize new tools and technologies in my daily work is one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of working at YPTC. There is opportunity for growth in all areas, especially on the data and analytics side.

YPTC has a great, open atmosphere where new ideas are accepted and enacted, which makes my team’s work easy to accomplish!


Alicia Eastvold, DVG Associate Alicia Eastvold Inline

The first years of my career were spent as an educator and a school administrator, and eventually, a controller for a private school. Those years taught me to stay close to the needs of my students and make sure that I was really answering their questions. This love of education eventually led my family to Kenya where my husband and I led a gap-year program for young adults, and I oversaw the finances. When we returned to the States, I got my MBA from LSU-Shreveport and sat for my CPA exams.

My experience in Kenya made me want to continue working in the nonprofit world and use my accounting skills to help organizations thrive. So, when I heard YPTC’s ad on NPR while driving in the car, I almost had to pull over I was so excited. It was exactly the kind of work I wanted to do.

YPTC is such a generous-hearted culture. All my colleagues at YPTC are here because they want to help people, including one another. Even though there are challenges, it is so rewarding to see the look on a client’s face when they see what we can offer.

I have particularly loved our work on the DVG team because it is so innovative. We are thinking big about how to bring complex information to clients in palatable ways. When I see the numerous ways DVG helps organizations communicate to their respective boards and potential funders, I am so proud to be a part of it.


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