Associations work hard to serve their members. These organizations are staffed by resolute, enterprising people; working together with their members and volunteers to manage and govern. Even when associations are large and complex, they run lean.  So, without additional external support, reaching organizational success can be an uphill battle. 

But what if you didn’t have to do it all? 

Association staff and members do the heavy lifting to meet the many needs of the organization. They provide opportunities for networking and collaboration, create professional journals, newsletters, and other educational tools, and they advocate on behalf of their members, and their profession and industries.  They do all of this while balancing the operational tasks, including: 

  1. Managing multi-layered IT systems including Association Management Software systems. 
  2. Setting, managing, and allocating dues and non-dues income across the organization. 
  3. Staying on top of nonprofit rules and regulations.   
  4. Synthesizing financial and operational data to better lead the organization and meet their mission.   

To fulfill all the above, staff and boards members must often go beyond their scopes of expertise. This translates to accepting difficult-to-manage responsibilities like those relating to accounting and finance. 

Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, acts as a partner to associations and seeks to understand their unique accounting and financial needs. We identify personalized solutions to existing issues, and provide services such as month-end reporting, revenue recognition, budget planning, and more. 

Regardless of type, size, or specialty, YPTC will meet associations where they are. Our services paint a full picture of financial status, create improved processes, and aid leaders in decision-making. 

Associations nationwide trust Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, as a financial expert that contributes to overall, lasting success. By doing what we do best, association members may focus on the most important aspect of their work: furthering the mission of the organization.  

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