These questions and answers are a compilation of the participant Q&A from YPTC and Network for Good’s webinar on Feb. 15, 2021.

Are black box theatres with seating units that can be configured in a few different ways are excluded?

According to the current guidelines, seating has to be fixed.

Would a caterer who operated in a synagogue be eligible for shuttered venue grant?


We have a museum / historic landmark…designated space for teaching, lectures, etc BUT…the chairs / seating is not BOLTED /to the floor.

According to the SBA, they define “fixed seating” as seating that is permanently fixed to the floor or ground.

“Live venue” does not include sports complexes correct?

It might if it can show that it meets the requirement that its principal business activity is the organization, management, or hosting of live concerts, comedy shows, theatrical productions, or other events by performing artists.

Would an arts organization and community center count?  Also, what about a film festival that got thwarted by the pandemic and restrictions on using spaces. The film festival does not own or manage any spaces.

See the FAQ released by the SBA: