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Category: The Nonprofit Show

Top 10 Issues For Nonprofit Boards (Part 2) Featuring Ellie Hume on The Nonprofit Show

On this second part of a two-part series, you’ll learn about the critical differences between IRS classifications like 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) and understand the strategic roles of nonprofit board committees

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Top 10 Issues Nonprofit Boards Must Monitor (Part 1) Featuring Ellie Hume on The Nonprofit Show

Discover the five key areas that boards must diligently monitor: mission statement clarity, robust governance, financial oversight, active involvement in fundraising, and strict management of conflicts of interest. Learn why

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Getting Nonprofit Accounting & Development Teams Working Together Featuring Patricia Withington on The Nonprofit Show

On this episode of The Nonprofit Show, join Patricia Withington, Director at YPTC, in navigating the relationship between nonprofit accounting and development departments to learn how these two essential facets

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Navigating Nonprofit Tech Featuring Alicia Eastvold on The Nonprofit Show

Are you struggling to navigate nonprofit technology? Learn strategies for leveraging technology effectively in nonprofits, the worth of tech integration, and the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind implementing technology

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Nonprofit Budgeting Tips That Count! Featuring Justine Townsend

Nonprofit organizations are given 'Hot Tips' to improve their budgeting processes in 2024, emphasizing principles of inclusivity, evidence-based decision-making, and proactive planning, with our guest, Justine Townsend, Manager at Your

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Nonprofit’s Embracing Tech To Get Work Done! Christine Chacko on the Nonprofit Show

Our cohosts welcome Christine Chacko, an associate at Your Part-Time Controller ( Christine delivers insights into how nonprofits can harness technology and automation to work more efficiently. Their emphasis on

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How The Nonprofit Sector Fared In 2023! Jennifer Alleva on The Nonprofit Show

In a thought-provoking conversation, Jennifer Alleva, Managing Partner of Your Part-Time Controller, reflects back on the ever-evolving nonprofit sector of 2023. Jennifer unveils the transformative changes taking place within nonprofit

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Why Outsourcing Makes Sense At Nonprofits! Carole Melvin on The Nonprofit Show

Outsourcing accounting and financial services at your nonprofit can be a game-changer, as Carole Melvin, the regional director at Your Part Time Controller (YPTC), highlights in her insightful interview. She

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Traditional vs Modern CFO/CEO Relationships: Andrew Miller On The Nonprofit Show!

In a spooktacular Halloween episode of the Nonprofit Show, the hosts welcome Andrew Miller, Director of Your Part-Time Controller, to discuss the evolving role of CFOs in the nonprofit sector.

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Why You Might Not Find Nonprofit Accountants

The shortage of accountants in the nonprofit sector is discussed with Jerilyn Dressler, Director of Strategic Partnerships at (Your Part-Time Controller). Jerilyn highlighted the challenges nonprofits face in hiring

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