Are you struggling to navigate nonprofit technology? Learn strategies for leveraging technology effectively in nonprofits, the worth of tech integration, and the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind implementing technology solutions, with Alicia Eastvold from Your Part-Time Controller. Find out why we dubbed her the “Accounting Sommelier”, who is helping to harness the power of technology to drive social change.

Alicia sheds light on the common challenges nonprofits face when adopting new technologies. She compares the process to scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor, highlighting how hesitation and uncertainty often hinder organizations from embracing tech advancements. Alicia says, “You know, just like why we don’t schedule the appointment for the eye doctor when we could see right away if we just made the appointment, there’s all sorts of reasons that we don’t.”

One key takeaway from this lively discussion is the concept of realistic pessimism with equal optimism. Alicia points to the importance of acknowledging the initial challenges of tech integration while remaining optimistic about the long-term benefits, emphasizing the need for continual evaluation and adaptation, especially in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Alicia also advocates for seeking guidance and support when navigating tech decisions. Drawing parallels to the role of a sommelier in selecting the perfect wine, she stresses the need for expert advice tailored to each organization’s unique needs. “Every nonprofit is different. Everybody has different needs and different structures. And so one size just doesn’t fit all. You really need someone to help you through that,” Alicia remarks.

Alicia and our cohosts also chat about the dilemma of choosing between different tech solutions, urging organizations to prioritize functionality over cost. Alicia advises nonprofits to conduct thorough cost analyses and assess the long-term implications of tech investments, and the importance of selecting tools that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, emphasizing the value of APIs in enhancing efficiency and connectivity.

By leveraging tech solutions effectively, nonprofits can streamline operations, enhance transparency, and effectively communicate their mission to stakeholders. Alicia’s insights serve as a guiding light for organizations navigating the complex terrain of nonprofit technology.

Navigating Nonprofit Tech (Insights from an Accounting Sommelier) from American Nonprofit Academy on Vimeo.