In a thought-provoking conversation, Jennifer Alleva, Managing Partner of Your Part-Time Controller, reflects back on the ever-evolving nonprofit sector of 2023. Jennifer unveils the transformative changes taking place within nonprofit organizations, exploring the significance of technology, transparency, and internal controls as nonprofits navigate present and future challenges.

Jennifer outlines the pivotal role that technology, particularly generative AI, is playing in reshaping the nonprofit landscape. She discusses the profound impact of ChatGPT and other generative AI products, emphasizing their ability to enhance donor interactions, boost website engagement, and facilitate data analysis. Jennifer passionately encourages nonprofits to embrace these cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize their operations.

A central theme that emerges is the imperative for greater transparency within the nonprofit sector. Jennifer points out that many donors harbor reservations about trusting charities, which is why nonprofits should proactively provide comprehensive information regarding their financial management and programmatic activities. She passionately states, “Transparency is key. It’s all about building trust.”

Jennifer also digs into the pressing issue of staffing shortages within the nonprofit sector, particularly in the realm of financial management. She suggests that nonprofits can tackle this challenge by investing in technology and utilizing fractional team members to fill the gaps.

As the conversation unfolds, Jennifer shares a compelling story about the Brett Favre case in Mississippi, underscoring the critical importance of internal controls and proper segregation of duties in financial management. She emphasizes the need for vigilance, stating, “Internal controls are crucial to prevent such situations.”

When asked by host Jarrett Ransom of changes for their firm in 2024, Jennifer expresses her enthusiasm about the ongoing growth and innovation at Your Part-Time Controller, highlighting their unwavering commitment to serving nonprofits and providing innovative solutions.

How The Nonprofit Sector Fared In 2023! from American Nonprofit Academy on Vimeo.