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Register Now! Back to School: 10 Tips For a Best In Class Finance Department

If your nonprofit were awarded funding to create a better finance department, how would you spend it?  For this webinar, we’ve compiled what we feel to be the most significant

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On Demand Webinar! Direct Route: The Road to Understanding Cost Allocations and Implementing GAAP

Cost allocations provide nonprofit management the ability to determine appropriate levels for pricing products or services, report true program costs when claiming reimbursements or making grant applications and recognize and

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On Demand Webinar! Piecing It Together: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls for Association Chapters, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates

This webinar occured on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. View it on Demand. Does your association have chapters, subsidiaries, or affiliates, or is it contemplating creating them? This is a complex, nuanced

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On Demand Webinar! Follow the Leader: Succession Planning in a Post-Pandemic World

This webinar took place on June 28 at 1 PM EST. Fill out the form to access the materials. Nonprofit executives are leaving their organizations in record numbers. What do you

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On Demand Webinar! Back to Basics: Nonprofit Finance 101

This webinar was conducted on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Fill out the form to access the slides and recording. New to the nonprofit world, or just want a refresher on best

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On Demand Webinar! Save The Day: Data Visualization to the Rescue!

This webinar occurred on April 19, 2022. Fill out the form below to access the slides and materials. Do you need help combining graphics and text to better tell your financial

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On Demand Webinar: Mission Accomplished

From liftoff to landing, join YPTC and special guest Peter Heller of Heller Fundraising Group, as we countdown our tips for launching a successful capital campaign. Our mission for this webinar

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On Demand Webinar: May I Have Your Attention, Please?

This webinar occurred on 2/22/2022. Download the materials by filling out the form below. Do all members of the board understand your organization’s financial position? Are your financial documents designed to

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On Demand Webinar: The Future is Here! What’s Next for Nonprofits in 2022?

Join YPTC and our panel of experts in nonprofit legal, fundraising, and HR matters to share our predictions of 2022 hot-topics. This webinar panel happened on January 31, 2022. Fill out

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On Demand Webinar! Making a List & Checking It Twice: Key Considerations for This Year’s Financial Audit

What key revenue and policy decisions should be on YOUR organization's audit checklist? Don't miss this opportunity to hear from YPTC and MaherDuessel on what you need to know and

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