Tell Me a Story: Insight to Action  

This webinar was presented on March 28, 2023. To view the on demand recording and download the slides, fill out the form below.


Not every story begins with “once upon a time” nor ends with “happily ever after.” However, a story told well has the ability to not only be impactful, but promote change. Whether told with any combination of words, numbers, music, or pictures, a great storyteller doesn’t just relay the facts. Instead, a great storyteller shares an important message in a way that is emotionally compelling, memorable, and inspires others to action, which is exactly the effect your entity wants when telling the story of its progress and accomplishments to others. Join us and our special guest Henry Berman, as we discuss ways that a good story has the power to lead to action. 


Who Should Attend: Individuals working for or with nonprofit organizations such as Board members, Executive Directors, staff members, and consultants; and those involved with creating an entity’s annual report. 


Learning Objectives:   

  1. Describe three fundamental questions that should be answered in every great story.  
  1. Identify opportunities to inspire others to action through your entity’s financial reporting, grant applications, websites, and social media.  
  1. List six storytelling techniques that help communicate your entity’s intended impact. 


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