Six Tips For Working Remotely

The current global health crisis has found many nonprofit organizations working remotely (some for the first time!). For many, this can mean adjusting their homes, workspace, business processes and general life to accommodate their new schedule. Here are YPTC’s six tips to help you transition into remote work.

1. De-Clutter Your “Desk.”

Create a comfortable, organized workspace. Make sure you’re working in a space that doesn’t add stress or anxiety to your regular day- consider keeping your workspace free from household clutter. This will also help you to stay focused and organized on the work you are doing. The home desk may look different for everyone. YPTC has some of our people working amidst their pillows and others in a quiet home-office. We advise to find what works for you and embrace it!

2. Take Breaks.

Be sure to schedule time during the day for lunch, fresh air, or moments of stretching or exercise. This will keep your body and mind fresh. The work is important, but your wellness is priority.

3. Unplug.

Unplug after the workday. This is a tip that translates to non-remote work as well. It can sometimes seem that while working remotely you are always online or plugged in. During a time where the news is constantly changing, we may find ourselves in information-overload. Taking time to disengage from social media and screen time can help you reset and de-stress.

4. Stay Connected.

Staying in touch with your colleagues through LinkedIn and other social media can help you feel connected while working remotely.

5. Communicate.

Utilize video and chat software to communicate with your colleagues and others. While it may seem easier to send an email, particularly in difficult situations, finding solutions through discussion or over the phone can prove to be a more effective method of communication. Don’t worry about your furry friends or littles making a cameo- we are all in this together!

6. Digitize & Utilize The Cloud.

For organizations that don’t typically operate remotely, our current situation may present some challenges. Utilizing Cloud-Based applications can help maintain business continuity through times of uncertainty. Your Part-Time Controller, LLC is ready to assist with converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, utilizing, and other tools that can help your organization’s accounting function while remote.

With nearly 25% of YPTC’s clients already utilizing our remote and virtual services, we are ready and well-equipped to help your nonprofit from anywhere! Contact us today:! 

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