lasallenpologoYour Part-Time Controller is proud to serve as a sponsor of The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business in Philadelphia. Since 1981, the Nonprofit Center has been offering training, resource materials, certificate programs, consulting services, and leadership development to build the capacity of the Delaware Valley’s enormous nonprofit sector.




YPTC is participating in the Nonprofit Center’s Education Guide, a catalogue of the Center’s extensive series of more than 60 full- and half-day courses, e-learning opportunities, and certificate programs. These learning opportunities address virtually every aspect of nonprofit organizational and financial management, training for current and prospective board members, and such critical topics as fundraising, marketing and strategic planning. YPTC is sponsoring scholarships that enable needy nonprofit leaders to partake of these training programs.

Eric Fraint, YPTC’s President and Founder, will conduct a class from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, on “Visualizing Your Finances: How Dashboards Convey Their Meaning.”

“Nonprofit organizations are continually generating all kinds of financial reports, but are they fully understood by the board and senior staff? Are sound and realistic business decisions being made based on the correct interpretation of this financial information?” asks Fraint.

“Unfortunately, many financial reports fail to leverage their meaning to advance strategic decisions. Fortunately, many nonprofits are successfully using dashboards to effectively manage their organization’s financial affairs and make ‘metrics-driven’ decisions.”

Fraint’s class will discuss how dashboards can turn key pieces of data into meaningful information through easy-to-understand graphics, enabling readers to visualize the data to better understand the organization’s story. “Effective graphs and visuals used in dashboards can explain variations, raise questions whose answers significantly impact operations, promote shared understanding and engagement, and help define what success means in your organization,” he says.

To register for this class, visit the Nonprofit Center’s Education Guide.