Nonprofit leaders have opportunities to position their organizations for an impactful 2024.  

Accounting & Finances 

  • Diversify revenue sources beyond donations and program revenue 
  • Build reserves to weather economic uncertainty 
  • Present financial data visually for informed decision-making and planning 
  • Learn about donor-advised funds in your market 

Technology & Innovation 

  • Adopt cloud-based accounting  
  • Apply AI to assist but verify information 
  • Prioritize cybersecurity training and protocols 

Community & Partnerships 

  • Be intentional about attracting, retaining, and motivating staff, volunteers, and donors 
  • Clearly define your nonprofit’s community  
  • Diversify your donor pipeline by engaging with younger volunteers and donors
  • Utilize social media for establishing connections with your community
  • Collaborate with peer nonprofits to maximize resources and programs 


While the future remains unpredictable, maintaining community connections and leveraging technology and partnerships will allow nonprofits to unlock doors for increased revenue, efficiency, and greater mission impact in the year ahead. 

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