WHYY 2010 Radiothon Gets Boost from YPTC

The broadcast studios of WHYY-FM were filled with hubbub on Oct. 20, 2010, when 20 staff members of Your Part-Time Controller gathered to assist the public radio station with its annual Fall membership drive radiothon. For the eighth straight year, staff manned the telephones and took several hundred calls as viewers and listeners made their pledges and contributions.

The fund drive was accelerated by a $2,000 challenge grant offered by YPTC President and Founder Eric Fraint who offered the donation to spur additional gifts to help the station reach an hourly goal.

“WHYY is one of the premier public broadcasting stations in the nation, and a vital link in the public and cultural landscapes of the Greater Philadelphia region. We truly appreciate their contributions to the community and are pleased to be able to help support this civic asset through both our financial and volunteer help,” said Fraint.


The switchboard kept lighting up — and so did the faces of YPTC staff members every time a listener called in to offer a gift or pledge to WHYY.


The group assembled after the radiothon to share stories — and then went back to work helping their clients.


WHYY was broadcasting live as YPTC staff members manned the telephone lines to record and acknowledge dozens of contributions and pledges. The volunteer work helped the public broadcasting station raise thousands of dollars in one morning.




Twenty YPTC staff members volunteered to assist WHYY in their annual Fall fund drive.The event marked the eighth year that Your Part Time Controller has assisted the public broadcasting station to raise much-needed funding.

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