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The World of Charity Ratings: A Nonprofit’s Guide

As a charitable organization, navigating your online presence is key to maintaining a strong public image and fostering trust with donors. One crucial aspect of your online presence is understanding

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On Demand! Associations Insights: Reconciliation Resolutions

Associations Insights: Reconciliation Resolutions Date: July 11, 2024 @ 12:00 pm ET Frequent issues arise from the misalignment between AMS (Association Management Systems) and accounting systems, causing delays and inaccuracies in bank

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Register Now! Working with AI: How to Get Along with an Artificial Coworker

Working with AI: How to Get Along with an Artificial Coworker Date: July 24, 2024 @ 12:00 pm ET AI is reshaping the way accountants work and serve their clients. In this

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School’s Out for Summer: Don’t Feel the Heat – Get Audit Ready!

While students and teachers enjoy their break, school financial officers can use this time to prepare for the upcoming audit season. Ensuring your school's financials are in order now can

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Developing Sound Internal Controls for Your Faith-Based Organization

Can your lean faith-based organization still have sound internal controls? Whether you are a new addition or seasoned contributor to the staff of a faith-based organization, you’ve probably already worn many

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What Is a Fractional CFO? Your Nonprofit Questions Answered

Let’s say you run a small nonprofit that provides educational support for youth in the Dallas, Texas area. Until now, your finance team has sufficiently managed your funds, but a

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Food Pantry Inventory Management: Tools and Tips to Handle In-Kind Donations Effectively

Your food pantry just received a wide variety of in-kind (non-monetary) donations.  Great! Now all you need to do is organize it, value it and distribute it! Sounds simple, right? Not

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On Demand! Reach for the Stars: Achieving Stellar Charity Ratings

Reach for the Stars: Achieving Stellar Charity Ratings Date: June 17, 2024 @ 12:00 pm ET Charitable organizations are being rated, reviewed, and ranked by charity watchdog organizations that gather information about

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Demystifying Nonprofit Financial Statements: Complete Guide

Between fundraising, marketing, and keeping your programs afloat, your nonprofit team likely collects a variety of financial data. This information is crucial in making informed decisions about resource allocation and

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Federal Resources for Food Relief Organizations

In 2022, 49 million people turned to food assistance according to Feeding America, the largest charity working to end hunger in the United States. To help meet this demand, food relief

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