In 2022, 49 million people turned to food assistance according to Feeding America, the largest charity working to end hunger in the United States.

To help meet this demand, food relief organizations can access a variety of federal food assistance programs to provide support to eligible populations. Here are links to some common federal departments and programs which offer funding opportunities for food relief programs:

  1. Federal agencies with nutrition assistance programs:
  2. Disaster relief programs:


Identifying the right funding program and navigating its complex requirements can be challenging.  This is where YPTC can help!  Our Government Funding Department offers services in the following areas:


  1. Research – we will match your program and funding needs with the grant initiatives offered by various federal agencies, as well as state agencies or even foundations.
  2. Application assistance – we will gather your information and prepare the narrative, budget and other materials required to complete your application for your review and submission.

Once you receive federal funding YPTC is here to help you set up the necessary internal controls to steward and report on your award.  Reach out to us at or visit our Food Insecurity Specialization page for more information.