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YPTC Can Help With Your Financial Management

YPTC Can Help With Your Financial Management-01

Any accounting firm can help you implement procedures that ensure greater control, transparency, and compliance with federal and state reporting requirements. We do all this (and more), but that’s not the only reason our clients love us. YPTC provides nonprofit executives and boards of directors with timely information and the reassurance and security of knowing that their finance department is running the way it’s supposed to. We take a major worry off their hands so they can sleep at night. We don’t just prepare the numbers – we tell them what’s going on behind the numbers.

Are you getting the 7 basic functions from your accounting department?

Clients often contact us because they have a mess on their hands. If your finance department isn’t getting you the information you need, if your reconciliations are out of date, if your board, donors and funders are asking uncomfortable questions that you can’t answer, call us. We make it easy for you.

YPTC Can Help With Your Financial Management-03

Our Services

Depending on the level of services you need, Your Part-Time Controller can serve as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, or Chief Financial Officer. We tailor our customized services to your needs, conducted on your premises. We specialize in areas unique to the nonprofit sector. We’ll meet with your board and finance committee as necessary, and help train your staff. We design our budgets, monthly statements, annual reviews, analyses, and reports to funders to meet the level of detail needed by each user in a format they can understand.

Accounting & month-end close

We can assist with as little or as much of the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping activities that you may need. We will perform your “month-end close”: reconcile the bank and other balance sheet accounts, allocate expenses, and post month-end journal entries.

Financial reporting

All organizations, regardless of type or size, need accurate, timely monthly financial reports. This is one of our top objectives!

Analysis & recommendations

Once the financial reports are completed, we help analyze them to understand and communicate to you the financial management and policy implications for your organization.

Data visualization

Good data is half of the battle. Understanding the data is the other half. We develop and update charts, graphs, and dashboards of your financial data, KPIs or even operational data to help you better understand your organization. We can even make these dashboards accessible from your mobile device!

Scenario planning & cash flow forecasting

During times of uncertainty, clarity and information are crucial to your organization's success. Depending on your needs, we can prepare cash flow reports at whatever frequency that makes sense for your organization. YPTC can help you expect the unexpected.

Board meeting attendance & training

We are happy to attend your board meeting to present your financial reports and provide training to your members and staff.

Policies & procedures

In the course of our work, we often observe opportunities to strengthen internal controls, add efficiency to operations and document these improvements in your policies and procedures.


While financial reports provide you with past data, we typically update a monthly rolling forecast report to guide your mid-term and long-term financial decisions.


We can assist in a variety of ways with your year-end budgeting beginning at the program budget level and ending with presentation of your annual budget.

Grant proposals & ad hoc reports

We help many of our clients with pro-formas or budgets that go into grant requests. Additionally, there is often a need for ad hoc reports or dashboards for you, board members, lenders or funders. We prepare these for you and make recommendations on presenting the requested information

Grant management

We will manage your incoming grants to include proper recording and classification, allocation methodologies, reporting requirements and requests for reimbursements.

Audit turnaround

YPTC will make sure that you are ready when the auditors arrive for their field work. We prepare the work papers and schedules they will need. This gives your auditors the opportunity to conduct their fieldwork and produce a draft report with plenty of time for your finance committee to review, ask questions and approve a final audit. We’ll then coordinate with your auditors to complete the Form 990 on a timely basis.

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