YPTC has a mission-based mindset. Many staff are energized by continuing to help charities, schools, boards, and other organizations outside of their day jobs as nonprofit accountants. Flexibility and belief in work-life balance allow our team to do what they love every day. Check out how YPTC staff “walk the talk” by volunteering their time past five p.m.!


“I am the co-founder and current board chair of a small nonprofit called Friends of Bache-Martin. Our mission is to provide resources to the Bache-Martin school (public K-8 school) that the school district does not. Our school (and school district) is chronically underfunded, despite having a large population of children with special needs and children whose families face steep economic challenges. I help with fundraising and friend-raising. We have made a real difference by rallying our neighborhood to dig deep by supporting our local public school.

Growing up in Queens, NY, I attended public school and knew my school’s struggles. When I moved to Philadelphia and then had a baby, I started to pay attention to the public-school issues and saw they were like what I grew up with. I could stand on the sidelines and let others pave the way, or I could be a paver myself, so that’s what I did! It is hard work, but it is “heart” work too. The programs Friends of Bache-Martin supports help to build the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of all the school’s students while building community at the same time.”

-Jerilyn Dressler, Strategic Partnerships Director


“I am the Treasurer of the Friends of the Camden County Child Advocacy Center. This organization supports the needs of the Center above the funding from the County. I want to work to improve the lives of children. The Center provides services geared towards children. It’s a difficult reality for these kids, and I want to help those who work there do their job as best as possible.”

-Rita Dame, Associate


“I volunteer and serve on the board of Community Connections Free Clinic. The clinic services five counties in rural Wisconsin. My community is a farming one, with a largely uninsured population that does not have access to quality medical care. The Free Clinic provides healthcare to people in need. 

The Free Clinic has a mobile unit that partners with a local food pantry and visits farms to bring health care to underserved populations. They provide blood pressure screening, consulting, COVID-19 vaccines, education, and other basic health screenings. (And the name is perfect for Wisconsin!)”

-Aimee Eicher, Associate


“I am committee chair at the Johnson Elementary School in Nahant, Massachusetts. This role is, in many respects, the face of the school district; it requires leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills, time, and knowledge of the board’s legal obligations. My personal goal is to advance student achievement and accomplish the district’s mission, vision, and goals.

I am passionate about all children’s emotional well-being and quality of education. COVID has taken a terrible toll on our children. I am grateful for the teachers and school counselors that went above and beyond to help my son during this difficult time. I want to give back and support all the children in my community!”

-Patricia Karras, Associate


“I volunteer for PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). PAWS finds homes for pets and pet owners by staffing community pantries and providing low-cost veterinary services. I’ve been part of the community pet pantry crew and volunteered with PAWS at the Philadelphia Pride Day parade.

I am a dog- and cat-lover and want to help make Philly a no-kill city. I love sharing the message with others and attending events as a PAWS representative. Volunteering with PAWS over the last 15 years has allowed me to meet people from different parts and communities of the Philadelphia area. The love of animals supersedes any differences and brings people together for a common cause.”

-Clare Sciulli, Associate

A genuine desire to help mission-based organizations and expertise in accounting makes our staff unique and well-suited to serve our clients. Your Part-Time Controller, LLC is currently hiring nationwide. If you are an accounting professional looking to use your skills for good, contact us today or apply now. We can’t wait to meet you!