For nonprofit organizations, securing government funding translates to overarching success. Your Part-Time Controller, LLC (YPTC) helps organizations efficiently and easily achieve their funding goals so that they can focus on furthering their individual missions. YPTC’s government funding department is trailblazing this process with knowledge, research, and unwavering support. Helming the ship is Derick Dreher—we learned more about what led him to YPTC, his nonprofit experience, and what he envisions for the future of his department.

Derick HeadshotDerick Dreher, Government Funding Department Leader

I studied art history at Princeton and Yale, culminating in a dissertation on German books and drawings of the sixteenth century. That path led me into the world of museums and special collections libraries, first as a curator (where I worked directly with the objects on exhibitions, research, acquisitions, etc.) then as a director (where I worked for the objects through fundraising, advocacy, management, etc.). They are both rewarding ways to engage audiences and help an organization meet its mission.

I am one of YPTC’s newer employees, but I got to know the company back in 1997. At the time, I was serving as Interim Director of the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia—YPTC’s first client—and met regularly with YPTC’s founder, Eric Fraint, to review the monthly financial statements he prepared. Over time, one project led to another. He built a contributor database for us, helped manage the financial side of a capital campaign, and even figured out how to download and graph data from new temperature and humidity monitors.

In 1998, I outsourced the whole accounting department to YPTC “but just for a short while,” while I replaced a staff bookkeeper. YPTC’s teamDerick King Charles came in and promptly uncovered fraud. The arrangement was so productive that YPTC became invaluable to me. I kept the outsourcing in place for over 15 years as a result.

I left the nonprofit world in 2021, unsure what my next professional step should be. It wasn’t long before I began helping YPTC build out a series of new “non-accounting” offerings for its clients, initially as a consultant. As I became better acquainted with the company’s people and projects, I decided to make YPTC my next career step.

YPTC has grown dramatically since I first got to know it, but the company has never wavered from its focus on making nonprofits stronger. I love how I can draw on my experience as a fundraiser to help other nonprofits bring in the funding that enables them to meet their missions.

YPTC is an incredibly positive company. Integrity is paramount, and team members support one another eagerly. It has helped me grow and learn, and I, in turn, want to help others succeed.

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