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"One of the best financial investments our organization has ever made"

Katie Scott (large) - Care Partners

CarePartners was founded in 1986 as a network of congregational partnerships across the greater Houston, Texas region to provide volunteer-based compassionate care for patients with AIDS. As AIDS became a treatable disease, CarePartners expanded its Care Team® concept to provide support, education, resources, and respite to family caregivers and quality care to individuals living with memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia and other challenges of aging. Today, CarePartners is a nationally recognized nonprofit, partnering with over 80 faith-based organizations in the Houston community to bring caring volunteers together with families in need of support. Since the agency’s founding, CarePartners’ volunteers have delivered more than 3 million hours of free care representing $83.7 million.

When Katie Scott was named President in May 2021, the organization was working at a grassroots level with a staff of only five and the accounting services were contracted out to individual accountants. That situation quickly changed when one of the two dementia-specific adult day care centers in Houston announced it would be closing, and CarePartners offered to step in and take over that program.

“The need to serve Houstonians and Texans is only going to increase as the Baby Boomers age,” Scott says. “But we would be doubling our budget and our size, adding new billing components, and bringing in new staff. Our current accounting system wasn’t going to work so we reached out to a bigger firm with more diverse experience. We needed to elevate ourselves so we could grow.”

YPTC came on board and quickly helped Care Partners with its new increased responsibilities. “They’ve added an extra level of professionalism and then they go above and beyond what we ask. They’ve always been very proactive with anything we might need. We look at them as a collaborator that’s invested in our organization. They’re a contractor but they fully understand what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The respect for YPTC’s work doesn’t just come from Scott. “My Board Chair says that YPTC continually impresses us with their attention to detail and the professionalism of the financial information they present,” she adds. “He says YPTC is one of the best financial investments our organization has ever made.”

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