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"They have expertise in areas that I don’t…"


The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC) was founded in 1971 by Houston-area women who were proactive in the environmental causes of the day. They saw a real need for all the local environmental groups to communicate with each other, to coordinate their efforts, and to support each other. Today, CEC is an alliance of some 150 diverse nonprofit, governmental and educational organizations whose activities impact the environment and quality of life in the greater Houston-Galveston region. CEC covers a broad spectrum of professional associations, conservation groups, and activists and works to foster dialogue, collaboration and education regarding environmental issues. It serves as an information clearinghouse for member groups and the community at large.

When Charlotte Cisneros was named Executive Director, she was relieved that CEC had outside support with accounting expertise. Over CEC’s 50-year history it has always been a small operation, and, as with all small nonprofits, the Executive Director has always had to wear a lot of hats. “I wouldn’t be able to focus on environmental issues and make an impact if I had to teach myself to be an accounting specialist,” Cisneros frankly admits.

YPTC is assisting CEC with monthly reports, tracking bills and invoices, staying on top of 990 and audit requirements, and more. “They have expertise in areas that I don’t,” she says. “They do a great job and take some of the administrative duties off my plate. They really do a lot and we’re grateful for all of it.”

In addition to the organizational benefits of accounting, Cisneros truly appreciates the camaraderie and support of the YPTC staff. “I enjoy the people I’m working with — they’re helpful and proactive. Whenever I talk about our team, I always include YPTC in the discussion because they play such a large role in our organization. It’s been invaluable.”

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